Center for Innovation Educ-Racial


Anti-black racism is deeply embedded within Canadian policies, practices, and institutions, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

Center for Innovation Educ-Racial will move the dial to a more inclusive society through concrete actions such as reflections, dialogues, and systemic paradigm shifts. We want to amplify and promote the lived experiences of afro-descendant people and the well-being of all members of our communities.

Our objectives

Implement activities related to research, information sharing, and advocacy to raise awareness about the consequences of racism faced by Afro-descendant people.

Collaborate with community experts and people with lived experience to dismantle discriminatory policies, practices, and processes in institutions.

Share innovative strategies based on anti-black racism and anti-oppressive approach with our communities.

Our mission

CIER’s mission is to spread knowledge about the insidious consequences of systemic racism and effectively dismantle the structures that prevent the full participation of afro-descendants communities in Canadian society.

Our vision

We aim to educate and raise awareness about racism and its consequences. We generate innovative solutions to end systemic racism. Our vision lies in the inclusive strategies that call for the general well-being of all Canadians.